Hybrid Events Are Here to Stay and They’re Shaking up the Event Industry

An Encore Planner Pulse study completed in April 2021 shows that ‘effectively engaging both in-person and remote attendees at hybrid events’ is the most important challenge facing meeting professionals and event planning agencies.

When planning a hybrid event there are two distinct audiences to consider: in-person attendees and virtual participants. Therefore, as an event professional, you have to work harder to engage everyone. There’s an experiential gap; someone’s on site, someone isn’t. How can you ensure each participant group is involved and what does success look like? 

When we think about the hybrid audience, we map how to shift from pushing content at participants, to truly engaging them. If you simply provide them with information, they might listen or read, but it will be a passive experience and one they may not learn from.

As a trusted AV event company at your side, we know that the same principle applies to hybrid, virtual and in-person events: true success in hybrid events stems from an active, connected audience – both on screen and on side. We ensure this with innovative hybrid event technologies and a comprehensive portfolio of hybrid event production services.

There are clear steps to help capture the attention of your participants wherever they are, and move them from informed to engaged, for hybrid event success.

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Strategy, Creative + Design

Our expert strategists and experienced designers create hybrid events that deliver engagement, value and insightful analytics to help improve your ROI.

Platform + Digital Products

We have a dedicated team of digital experts to ensure our customers choose the right platform for the experience they want to create; either our Chime Live platform (built for Hybrid) or one of the many others we work with.

Event Production + Execution

Our production team has deep expertise in set design, production studios, virtual broadcasts, streaming, production, direction and overall hybrid event production management.

On-Site + Technology

Innovative solutions that bridge in-person and virtual participants to maximize engagement, productivity and increase attendance and audience reach.

We Support All Hybrid Events

Any kind of event, anywhere

Our Clients Said

With Hybrid Events, you can reach your audience no matter the location. This is true not only today, but also tomorrow: hybrid events will remain a part of our industry. We want to support you in being successful – with excellent services, checklists for hybrid events and many years of know-how.
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