An Immersive Real-Time Experience

Encore | Audience is an innovative streaming solution that supports the delivery of engaging virtual and hybrid event experiences using two-way interaction. By reaching directly into the devices of remote attendees, we’re able to blur the boundaries between in-person and virtual, sparking emotional connections and delivering an engaging live experience.

Encore | Audience is a flexible solution that supports events of any size or occasion. From small meetings to large-scale events, from training sessions to conferences, from boardroom to ballroom and beyond, we can transform your events into engaging experiences that forge emotional connections. 

With real-time interactivity and the ability to spotlight individuals and bespoke groups, Encore | Audience is perfect for:

  • Training Sessions
  • Town Halls & Internal Meetings
  • Product Launches
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Conferences
  • Panel Sessions
  • Parties and weddings
Plenary Sessions
Award Shows
Product Launches
Panel Sessions

Spotlight Your Virtual Audience

Whatever your event size or occasion, we transport your virtual attendees into the room, giving them a front row seat and enable them to participate in a real-time experience. We’re even able to spotlight individual people or bespoke groups and completely customise the experience to meet your specific event needs.

  • Bring remote speakers into the room
  • Conduct hybrid panel discussions
  • Interact in Q&A sessions
  • Chat casually with individuals
  • Spotlight particular groups of people, e.g. with category nominees at an award ceremony or specific teams in a training session

Endless Possibilities

Download our brochure and speak to our experts to find out how you can utilise Encore | Audience at your next event to deliver engaging live experiences.

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