Whilst you might be used to seeing our tech deliver incredible event experiences, did you know that it can also help in the fight against COVID-19? Usually used to handle large-scale video content, the CPU and GPU power from our media servers has been put to work assisting with the Folding@Home project.

Organised by Washington University, Folding@Home (FAH) is a long standing computing project which allows individuals to contribute computing power to Stanford’s research efforts. This in turn helps the researchers in combating the illnesses that are related to proteins and protein (mis)folding, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and COVID-19. Folding@Home has now been going on for almost two decades. And now we’re proud to be making the most of the of the current situation to support the initiative.

We’ve set up 4 Avolites Ai Servers, 4 disguise 4X4PRO media servers, 12 Mac Pros and 16 high-spec graphics laptops in our Leicestershire warehouse to provide a power boost to the project. Our team in Uxbridge have also added another 30 laptops to the cause.

Click here to find out more about Folding@Home and their research efforts for combating COVID-19.