When it comes to live events there are long established standards for risk and hazard analysis. Due to the challenges posed by COVID-19, these standards have recently been enhanced by comprehensive hygiene recommendations and concepts, such as our MeetSAFE guidelines which put the safety of participants and team members as a top priory. But we also want to help you overcome technical challenges.

Because technical challenges or even failures are among the worst-case scenarios when it comes to virtual and hybrid events. As well as the hype that you have built up with your participants over weeks in advance, the good reputation of your brand is also at stake.

To meet these challenges, we have developed the VirtuallySAFE risk assessment under the direction of Henning Buhmann-Klein (B.Sc), Head of Product Management at KFP (part of the Encore group).

“We analyse potential risk points in the run-up to digital events and, together with our customers, define individual countermeasures for possible challenges that will hopefully not even occur. By utilising the VirtuallySAFE risk assessment, we can be prepared and ensure we react immediately in case of an emergency. After all, technical challenges must not stand in the way of the success of an event,” emphasises Henning Buhmann-Klein. VirtuallySAFE is designed to help you overcome technical challenges.

It does not always have to be a total failure that jeopardises the success of your event. Our risk assessment considers all the details so that these do not turn into unpleasant surprises in the first place. These are just a few of the many examples that illustrate that it is worth paying attention to every single detail to make your virtual or hybrid event a comprehensive success.

Connection problems occur and/or insufficient bandwidth for individual participants

To save bandwidth and to meet the needs of all participants, we offer alternative dial-in options, such as over the telephone.

  1. We support your participants with detailed guides so that the dial-in to your event does not fail due to technical obstacles.
  2. A service hotline is available to address specific problems and provide professional support to participants until a solution is found.
  3. We test systems under realistic conditions in advance to identify vulnerabilities at an early stage.
  4. Individual bandwidth measurements give you and your participants the certainty that the available lines are optimal for your broadcast.

A speaker has to cancel his participation at short notice

Not only a challenge for traditional events, but also for hybrid events – a speaker cannot share at your event at short notice. We have also made provisions for this case, developed alternatives and react in four structured steps:

  1. We change the agenda of your event in real time and inform the participants of the same panel discussion about the change in the panel
  2. We communicate the programme change to your audience and, if possible, organise an alternative date for the speaker.
  3. We work with you to include replacement speakers in the schedule of your event, even at short notice.
  4. We use intercoms to communicate at any time between the director and the moderator and to pass on unplanned programme changes seamlessly and without loss of time.

With VirtuallySAFE, our risk assessment for virtual and hybrid events, we help you overcome technical challenges by analysing different aspects in the run-up to your event and evaluating them according to a points system. In this way, we immediately identify whether the risks involved are justifiable and have no influence on the overall course of an event, or whether they are high risks that are associated with considerable losses in the quality of the overall event and countermeasures are urgently required to ensure that your guests have a lasting positive event experience. 

We are setting a new standard here in the MICE industry that is undergoing major changes due to COVID-19 and help you overcome technical challenges.


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