Sep 16 2021
Encore's Editorial Team

We tend to think of hybrid and virtual events as being easier for people with disabilities to attend than face-to-face events. However, hybrid and virtual platforms present their own challenges and potential barriers to enjoyment. That’s why, if you want to create truly inclusive online events, it can’t be an afterthought. “Start with your event …

The Value of Partnerships in Our (Re)Start

Jul 7 2021
Ben Erwin
The meeting and events industry clearly experienced a great deal of change over the course of the last 16 months. An industry filled with incredibly talented people who were singularly forced to be nimble and adaptable can now learn from each other to accelerate our industry’s exciting (re)start with the right event solutions. For Encore, ...

What are the benefits of a hybrid event?

Feb 21 2021
Encore Research
‘Hybrid’ is defined as the combination of two different elements. In the context of hybrid events, it’s; « a physical meeting in which an online audience also participates. Essentially, both the physical as well as the online audience come together and participate in the same experience or content at the same time, from different locations. » IMPACTPLUS The benefits ...

3 Tips for a Versatile Hybrid Event Environment

Jan 31 2021
Encore's Editorial Team
You’re planning an event and you select your venue. What’s next? In a venue, a floor plan provides limits to stay within the physical boundaries of the building itself. What happens when you introduce the digital environment of a hybrid event? How does that impact your participant experience? I’ve put together three easy-to-remember environmental cues ...

Design a Hybrid Event for Every Participant

Jan 22 2021
Encore's Editorial Team
In November of 2020, we surveyed 2,000 of our customers and asked various questions about hybrid events. When we asked them to give a general forecast of their 2021 events, our survey respondents shared that they plan to allocate nearly 80% of their total spend on virtual and hybrid solutions. To maximize your total spend, ...

Reducing Technical Risks at Your Next Online Event

Jan 20 2021
Encore's Editorial Team
When it comes to live events there are long established standards for risk and hazard analysis. Due to the challenges posed by COVID-19, these standards have recently been enhanced by comprehensive hygiene recommendations and concepts, such as our MeetSAFE guidelines which put the safety of participants and team members as a top priory. But we ...

Planner Tips: Event Strategy and Design for Hybrid Meetings

Nov 25 2020
Encore's Editorial Team
Whether you’ve never planned a hybrid event or feel pretty confident in your abilities to deliver a seamless experience, there are strategy and design techniques for hybrid meetings that you can use now to elevate your next event. Just as you measure your in-person events’ success by stakeholder experience and event metrics, the same can ...

Principles of Hybrid: Impactful Events Wherever You Are

Nov 24 2020
Encore's Editorial Team
In the past weeks we have seen many changes regarding participant restrictions for events. Nevertheless, many event formats cannot even take place until the end of October if the implementation of a hygiene concept like our MeetSAFE recommendations cannot be guaranteed. In addition, each federal state in Germany re-opens at a different pace.  While Baden-Württemberg ...

Focusing on the Event Experience – On-Site and On-Screen

Nov 24 2020
Encore's Editorial Team
The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for the events industry. However, as is so often the case, crises go hand in hand with innovation. Like other industries, the events industry is adapting to keep people connected. The pandemic has made us more familiar with virtual technology than ever before. Children and teachers swapped classrooms ...