Audio has a powerful ability to convey messages subtly and effectively. It can be used to deliver important content during presentations or emote and inspire event participants. From small sound systems or concert-quality speakers to wireless and handheld microphones, Encore invests in the latest audio technology from today’s top manufacturers to deliver effective sound coverage that communicates your event’s message.

Explore some of our unique audio solutions:

CatchBox Throwable Microphone

Large sessions typically have a question/answer period at some point. For attendees, there can be some lag time waiting for a microphone to be passed around.

Catchbox’s soft-surround turns it into a custom-branded, fun, throwable microphone and a perfect audio solution. The tech is also very smart. It’s been engineered to automatically mute when it flies through the air. It’s been a part of the events industry for years and remains popular at meetings and conventions.

Great for: encouraging discussion, eliminating lag time for audio, and providing one more branding opportunity for your event.

Necklace Microphone

Our convenient and professional microphone solution is hands-free and works with any attire.  A necklace microphone lets presenters move freely and keeps the audience focused on the message. A convenient audio solution for any event.

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