Choreographed Event Experiences

Our Chime Live engagement platform transforms the in-person, virtual or hybrid experience with a full-service end-to-end solution tailored to your unique event needs. ​

We customize Chime Live to tell your story and highlight what’s important, driving engagement to deliver the outcomes you need – before, during and after your event. ​

Onsite or online, Chime Live delivers seamless connectivity for in-person and remote participants for mid-size events anywhere in the world.

Chime Live for Hybrid or Virtual Meetings

Chime Live improves the hybrid experience with low latency streaming, meaning there’s real time connectivity between virtual and in-person participants and no awkward gaps of lag time for polling, Q&A, and other interactivity.  Reducing video stream latency from the standard 45+ seconds delay down to just 2-5 seconds means planners and producers no longer need to build in long pauses in the presentation to allow for their remote audiences to sync up.  Engagement is more dynamic and can better deliver two-way conversations between presenters and participants. 

As for analytics, now planners can visualize when each remote participant is watching the live stream and for how long, essential for remote audience dwell time data and ROI measurement.

Chime Live delivers a great hybrid or virtual experience with choreographed engagement and real-time connectivity between in-person and remote participants.

Chime Live Platform Highlights

Choreographed Event 

Focus attendees on what they need to see or do in the platform.  Push slides and pop-up interactive polls, Q&A and more – right on cue.

In-Person & Remote

Give in-room participants a second screen experience and make remote attendees feel part of the show.

Personalised Journeys

Create segmented or integrated experiences, including the ability to move remote participants to the right sessions.

Additional Benefits

Keep your virtual attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors connected and engaged.

  • Flexible – Enhance in-person meetings and virtual, hybrid, multi-venue and hub/spoke productions.
  • Registration – Make it easier for attendees to register, gain quick access and start engaging.
  • Set the Stage – Enhance your platform with branding, design, and virtual lobby options.
  • Connect – Start conversations about shared interests with virtual networking, breakouts and social media.
  • Inform – Provide supplemental content and resources (e.g., venue/location information, preevent reading, post-event knowledge checks and more).
  • Monetize – Extend the experience and augment event ROI with sponsor and exhibition areas.
  • Analyse – Visualize participant engagement and event results with a live analytics dashboard and report.

New Possibilities to Transform Events with Chime Live

We like to say: “Yes, we can!” Take a look at some of the many ways we can help, and then get in touch with an Encore expert to collaborate on your next event.

Here are some new enhancements showcased in the video that attendees and presenters will love:
  • Virtual lobbies, exhibits and breakout rooms
  • Sentiment and chat streams
  • Fundraising, award ceremonies and social events
  • Closed/open captioning, simultaneous translation and accessibility
  • Accreditation

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