Chime Live Is Made For Meeting and Event Planners

Chime Live is a “storytelling engine” that provides a choreographed experience to event participants. Most apps are passive and leave your attendee to wander about themselves. 

Chime Live creates choreographed experiences that transform – showing attendees exactly what they need to see, when they need to see it.

Chime Live was created with meeting and event planners in mind. With Chime Live and decades of event experience, Encore is uniquely positioned to deliver end-to-end solutions for any virtual event and hybrid meeting options.

Our Chime Live platform meets international WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards.

This means we can configure your content for Chime Live to provide a better experience for attendees with visual, auditory, cognitive and physical disabilities.

Chime Live Explainer Video

Chime Live Features

Interactive Polling

Q&A, polls, surveys, downloads, social integrations, and more lets audiences interact and participate actively across your event.
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Give an opportunity to Ask Questions and allow the audience to Upvote their favorite ones.  
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VIP Access

Includes early VIP access to networking tools and other features.
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Notepad allows attendees to write and access their notes anytime, anywhere.
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Attendee Tracking

Generate analytic reports post event to better understand your event engagement, and so much more. Come find out.
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Creating Choreographed Experiences with Chime Live

Our Virtual Event Producers and Project Managers work with customers to choreograph the participant experience.
Check out our three-step process: P
re-event, during event, and post-event.

1. Pre-Event

      • Make it easy for attendees to sign up and start engaging by incorporating Cvent Registration with your Chime Live platform.
      • Assign pre-conference work, share trade show maps and educational resources, or include early VIP access to networking tools and other features
      • Hosting a charity or social event? Allow everyone early access to the guest book, images, videos, or donor platforms

2. Chime Live During Your Event


      • Enable tools for chat and networking.
      • Personalize attendee conference agendas or breakout sessions.
      • Open your event with a video welcome message or even pre-record at one of our Broadcast Studios
      • Let participants shape the conversation with interactive Polls, Word Clouds and Heatmaps
      • Give an opportunity to Ask Questions and allow the audience to Upvote their favorite ones
      • Help your attendees fight screen fatigue by converting a long program into an episodic series. Then, make it available on-demand at a later date.

3. Chime Live After Your Event

      • Keep your platform online as a post-event resource to extend learning or engagement
      • Share chaptered video recordings with audiences in different time zones so no one misses out
      • View event data and analytics to help demonstrate engagement and ROI

We’ll help you consider all the ways you can use our virtual event platform Chime Live to transform your virtual event or hybrid event into a choreographed experience


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