Internet Solutions

Encore’s Internet Services will provide you with the knowledge and tools to keep your event running smoothly and your attendees connected, no matter where you are.

Different event types call for different internet needs. Our solutions scale to meet the need of any size event. Encore also offers custom solutions and entire infrastructures.

AV over IP —
High-Quality Video

Deliver high-quality video to different meeting rooms throughout your event space. Our AV Over IP solution allows you to stream to a variety of locations on property via the Internet.

Internet Everywhere – Customized Internet Eco-System

Our experts take care of everything – We consult with your venue on your behalf and create a customized internet infrastructure complete with:

  • Bandwidth scalable from 25 – 20,000+ people
  • Post-event analytics that show your event’s internet use in detail

Internet Bandwidth Calculator

How much bandwidth do you need and how do you plan for it? Our award-winning bandwidth calculator will get you started in seconds. Getting the balance right between too little (resulting in a bland experience) and too much (resulting in overpayment) can be tough. 

This calculator provides you with a good starting point for determining each attendee’s bandwidth needs. From there, you can work with your venue and other providers to determine how much additional load you’re budgeted for. 

Want to learn more about bandwidth?

Here’s more clarity from Encore’s VP of Virtual and Hybrid Events

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