eclipse Transforms into Encore

After the global rollout of the new Encore brand in January of this year, and with the recent completion of local formalities, we are finally in a position to take this significant step in the process of us moving to the global Encore brand, and to focus on how best to continue to deliver ‘Events that transform.’ Under the Encore brand, we unify the full breadth of our product and service offerings for however and whenever our customers want to meet. 

No matter what may be happening in the world, we have an obligation to help our valued customers to reach their goals and objectives, and today we will do that under the new brand that continues that commitment. 

We are excited to turn the page on this chapter of our history. Watch our inspiration video to know more about how Encore supports memorable event experiences that engage and transform.

To know more about how we are a part of the larger Encore family,
visit our homepage.

Head over to our press release page, to know more about our rebrand.

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