Encore EMEA and XPAI Announce Strategic Partnership to Leverage Event Experience

May 24, 2023
News Release

Encore, the global leader in event production and technology solutions, is thrilled to announce its partnership in the EMEA region with XPAI, a pioneering deep tech company specialising in AI-based customer experience analysis. This collaboration, which will bring the power of data driven events to eight markets, ushers in a new era for event management, leveraging cutting-edge technology to measure and optimise event experiences in real time.

For decades, Encore has been at the forefront of event planning and execution, offering a comprehensive suite of event production services to thousands of clients worldwide. “Our team is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service excellence, value creation and quantifiable ROI; this partnership with XPAI reinforces our constant commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction,” says Nicholas Rudge, Managing Director, EMEA of Encore.

XPAI’s groundbreaking technology employs a proprietary smart sensor that transforms light into anonymized data, allowing for a real-time understanding of customer reactions at events. XPAI’s methodology correlates emotions with buying decision, providing a highly predictive Experience Score ranging from 0-10. This score reflects visitor perceptions, offering valuable insights to improve event experiences and foster customer loyalty.

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Nicholas Rudge, Managing Director, EMEA at Encore & Karl Sponholz, Founder of XPAI

“This collaboration represents a significant leap forward for the event industry,” states Karl Sponholz, Founder of XPAI. “By merging our AI technology with Encore’s extensive event expertise, we’re taking the guesswork out of events, making them not only measurable but also predictable.”

The partnership between Encore in EMEA and XPAI moves beyond traditional event feedback methods, replacing end-of-event questionnaires with continuous, data-driven dialogues. This approach allows for real-time adjustments and enhancements, significantly improving event effectiveness, engagement, and responsiveness.

Sean Philby, Senior Director of Global Sales, EMEA further added, “This isn’t just subjective feedback; it’s a new quality of conversation with our audience. With XPAI’s real-time data, we can now run more effective and engaging experiences that truly resonate with attendees. At Encore, our unwavering commitment is to equip our customers with cutting-edge technology that empowers them to accomplish their event objectives, and this partnership serves as a true testament to that dedication.”

By prioritising customer experiences and harnessing the power of AI, Encore and XPAI are set to redefine the landscape of event planning and execution. This partnership marks the beginning of a transformative journey towards a future of truly data-driven, immersive, and personalised in-person event experiences.