Let us worry about the setup. All you need to do is show up.

You’re busy. Let Encore take care of the details for your next hybrid event. Together, we’ll identify the best options to connect your participants and deliver seamless content, no matter where they are. We’ll match your meeting goals to the best technology solutions and consider the essentials we’ve identified for inclusive, successful hybrid small meetings.

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Technology Solutions



Take the guesswork out of digital platform configuration. The Encore team can help you produce transformative events, and that begins with platform selection and set-up.


Camera & Audio

The only window virtual attendees have into your event comes through the audiovisual equipment you provide. Keep them tuned in by selecting the right camera and audio solutions.

Rental Laptop

Rental Laptop

Get your meeting set up and running quickly without wasting time. Rental laptops ensure proper connection between camera, audio, display and internet and make your on-site life easier by freeing up personal laptops.


Wired Internet

Wi-Fi works for checking emails, but if you want an uninterrupted broadcast, nothing beats a wired internet connection.



Connect your in-person audience to your virtual participants with additional display screens that bring them into the room through gallery or speaker views.

Which hybrid essentials do you need?

That depends on the experience you’re trying to create for your participants. All hybrid events require camera and audio. Here are additional elements to consider:

Everything hinges on the quality of your internet connection. Encore offers portable backup solutions for reliable, worry-free connections.

Make sure your remote participants have a seat at the table. Ensure they’re visible in the meeting space by using additional displays. In-room attendees will feel more connected to those joining remotely if they can see them.

With Encore’s enterprise videoconferencing solution, you can show up and know that everything is configured properly and will work the way you expect it to

Eliminate distracting pop-ups, configuration issues and connection mishaps by renting a laptop. For a minimal investment, you gain a security blanket that ensures the meeting will run smoothly.

Hybrid+ Event Services

It’s easy to get started now by exploring our 5 essential hybrid event components you need to consider when planning your next meeting. Then let’s connect, so you can show up to your next meeting, knowing that everything is set up and configured correctly.

Event Platform + Digital Products

We have a dedicated team of digital experts to ensure our customers choose the right platform for the experience they want to create; either our Chime Live platform (built for Hybrid) or one of the many others we work with.
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Pop-Up & Boradcast Studios

Our pre-built stages provide a pathway to effectively communicate to your remote audience by utilizing a set that is similar to what they experience with an in-person event.
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Strategy, Creative + Design

Our expert strategists and experienced designers create hybrid events that deliver engagement, value and insightful analytics to help improve your ROI.
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Hybrid, Virtual and
On-Site Technology

Our production team has deep expertise in set design, production studios, virtual broadcasts, streaming, production, direction and overall hybrid event production management.
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Event Production + Execution

Our production team has deep expertise in set design, production studios, virtual broadcasts, streaming, production, direction and overall hybrid event production management.
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