Our Flexible Studio Solutions Offer You a Professional Environment in a Virtual World

Our pop-up studios are designed to flex with your needs. From single presenter keynote presentations to panel discussions, with open backgrounds or graphic printed sets, from one camera to several along, all of our solutions come with the dedicated support of your Encore Project Manager and our extensive technical expertise.


Make use of your office, venue architecture or iconic views

Use a custom design backdrop mixed with a twin camera option

Are you looking for a customised animated backdrop? Use our green screen option!

Why Use a Pop-Up Studio?

Choose your own location and engage your audience anywhere in the world with our pop-up studios. We utilise the latest technologies and high-quality, professional equipment to create our pop-up studios at your desired location, providing you and your presenters with a convenient and effective broadcast solution anywhere you need it.
You’ll also have the peace of mind that our expert team are on-site to manage the event and optimise your presentation so all your speakers can deliver with confidence.
  • Safe Space: Our team maintains a clean space following MeetSAFE standards.
  • Controlled Environment: Our pop-up studios are controlled environments where you’re able to work on delivering your message free of distractions on reliable connections with the expert support of our technicians. All of our solutions are GDPR compliant.
  • Curated Technology: The innovative solutions we offer are fitted with the latest thoughtfully designed technology including audio, video, lighting, and scenic design, all purpose-built to work together regardless of your event type.
  • Professional Content: With custom graphics, presenter coaching, and professional broadcasting, we help you market the message through digital channels – further enticing viewership and attendance.
  • Bringing a Global Experience Stage to You: Can’t make it to one of our pre-established Broadcast Studios? We’ll bring one to you with the same confidence and world-class service you expect from our installed solutions.

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