Virtual Expos and Conferences

Encore and Notified are redesigning the shared experience for large-scale conferences and exhibitions.  With the Notified Virtual Event Platform and Encore’s leading on-site production, together we bring the technology and creative expertise to allow event planners to seamlessly connect in-person and remote participants for custom hybrid conferences and exhibitions – anywhere in the world.

Notified® Virtual Event Platform Highlights​

Virtual Environments

Create virtual 2D or 3D environments that imitate a physical conference, including lobbies, theatres, virtual booths and networking lounges.​

Studio Quality Streaming

Notified Studio solutions make it easy for presenters to self-record or work with a producer for TV-quality streaming and custom layouts.​

Robust Engagement

Elevate engagement with AI-driven matchmaking and video chat options that connect in-person &
remote participants. 

Additional Benefits

  • Streamline Complex Events – Entrust our experts to manage your large-scale event or exhibition with an end-to-end solution tailored to your unique needs.
  • Seamless Platform, Production & Creative – From theme development to studio quality production, we offer solutions to make complex events easier to plan, produce and deliver.​
  • Monetize – Incorporate sponsorship packages and maximize ROI.​
  • Reach – Grow your community and extend the life of your event.​

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