Assistance Is Just a Tap away

Planning the perfect meeting includes expecting the unexpected, especially if you’re managing multiple rooms and sessions.

Whether it’s standing room only in breakout A, too chilly in Room B, or whatever might come up, simply tap the screen of our digital assistant Page to quickly get the right assistance to the right place.

Page is an in-room digital concierge and digital assistant that can be customised with up to 6 buttons and send texts or emails immediately to the people who can help.

As the Meeting Organiser, you can monitor activities via the Page dashboard and review post-event reports for future planning.

Page is a fully supported service with devices and charging stands included.  Your Project Manager can recommend the right set up for your event.


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Ideal for Multiple Rooms 

Stay on top of what’s happening across all your meeting rooms with our digital assistant. 

Send Text or Email Alerts 

Texts or emails are pre-programmed to go to the team members who can assist. 

Customize up to 6 Buttons 

The Buttons of our digital assistant are customized to your event requirements. 

Monitor Activities via the Page Dashboard 

Dashboard provides overview of all Page activity during your event.  

Fully-managed Service with Page Devices Included 

Onsite technicians are available to setup, manage, and support your Page devices.  

Expert Setup Assistance 

Our Solutions Managers can recommend the right set-up for your event. 

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