Small Meeting and Presentation Solutions

Suppose you’re presenting at a hybrid meeting in a local venue or an in-person conference/association meeting across the country. Encore has useful tools to optimise your meeting and presentation experience – wherever it is. Enhance your presentation with engagement and video display tools, lighting equipment, and other forms of elevating your meeting environment.

Another great collaboration tool. Brainstorm new ideas, share strategies, then wipe clean and begin again.  


Wireless Presenters with Laser Pointers 
Easy-to-use and straightforward slide advancer for presentation slide transitions. Move around the room and engage your audience. Direct attention to specific areas of your presentation with built-in laser pointer. 


Cue Lights 
Cue your presenters or your room crew to keep your meeting or presentations running smoothly and on time. 

Share your screen or presentation with a click of a button. Share content simultaneously from multiple devices. Connects to any presentation display and compatible with PC, Mac, and mobile devices (mobile app). 


Power Center 
Share tabletop access to 4 standard power outlets and eight quick charge ports for portable devices. Connect tablets, smartphones, laptops, plus other USB-based devices and share power simultaneously. Surge-protected to keep every device powered on. 


Change the lighting in your room with a click of a button during your presentation. Stimulate attendee focus and energy through colorful lighting presets on the remote control. 


Meeting Owl 
Features “turn-taking” functionality for up to a dozen people in your meeting room. Video is capable of capturing everyone around the table. Low profile and non-obtrusive design is set up quickly with no additional software needed. 

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