The range and capacity of rigging facilities in an event space can dramatically influence the effectiveness of audio, video, lighting and staging elements. Rigging equipment in the roof of an event space allows for clear sight lines to the stage area and creates a clutter free environment for the audience to move around and network.

With equipment and cables recessed in the roof, this gives you the floor space to choose the best seating style for your type of event. Also, if you have a particular style or theme to your event, you ensure that presentation technology enhances the event design.

Rigging Solutions

As the exclusive in-house rigging contractor for multiple venues, our primary responsibility is to ensure that all rigging is executed in a safe manner.

You can rely on our dedicated team of certified riggers in the EMEA region to plan and execute a complete rigging system that upholds safety to the highest standard.

Our training programs are always evolving to meet any changes in industry standards.

From structural engineering and regulatory standards to Rig Point Inspection programs, Encore’s Rigging Services are prepared for any venue. 



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