Aquaventure After Dark 2023

Client: Aquaventure
Venue: Aquaventure, Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
Date: October 2023

Encore was once again proud to transform Aquaventure, the world’s largest waterpark, into an enchanting venue for this year’s Aquaventure After Dark event. Attendees enjoyed an evening filled with live music, delicious food, and heart-pounding adventures on the water slides. We ensured seamless entertainment by providing complete technical production. 

Line of Business: Hospitality

We Delivered: Full Technical Production


We ensured immersive sound quality by covering the park walkway with audio, patching it to the main stage feed, and installing individual audio systems for the main stage. For lighting, we strategically illuminated the main stage and walkway with carefully placed fixtures. To optimise the setup, we provided truss support for the main stage, ensuring a visually stunning experience. We also integrated special effects, including lasers, sparklers, jet smoke, and flames, creating a high-energy atmosphere, while high-resolution LED walls displayed vibrant visuals. 

We deployed generated power solutions to overcome power limitations and efficiently managed complex cable setups. Due to the unique characteristics of the venue and restrictions on truck sizing, our team worked closely with the client to carefully plan the event logistics and mitigate any potential issues. 

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

A mix of d&b V & Y Series served as the main PA, accompanied by EV 300 as delay speakers which ensured immersive sound quality throughout the venue. For lighting, we placed 35 spotlights, 62 wash lights, 36 beam lights, 4 strobes, and a mix of 110 LED par and batton lights, creating a dynamic experience.

The LED walls included an 8m x 4m 4.8ml LED wall on the main stage and a 2m x 1m wall for the DJ booth. To deliver the ultimate wow factor, special effects included 4 x 125 KVA generators with hot backup, ensuring a continuous power supply, as well as 4 x 40w lasers, 8 x 32w lasers, 6 x flame guns, 6 x 32w lasers, 6 x flame guns, 6 x get sparklers, 6 x spin sparklers, and 6 x get smoke machines.

We utilised a 9m x 6m box truss at 6m height, along with 16 vertical trusses and a goal post truss. These structures provided stable support for the equipment ensuring performers and attendees could dance the night away safely. The main stage, measuring 8m x 3m, provided ample space for performers and equipment. Additionally, we installed 3 x custom gobo fixtures, adding a unique branding element. To enhance safety, we set up a 20m Mojo Barrier, ensuring a secure environment for everyone present.