Discover the Power of AI

Have you ever wondered what your participants are really thinking and feeling during meetings and events? What if you could view your event from their eyes? With XPAI, now you can! AI technology gathers participant analytics for insights on behaviour and preferences that can help you improve future meetings and drive better outcomes.

Drive Success with Data

Using XPAI you can easily track attendance, engagement, and participation levels of each participant, helping you to identify the success of sessions and activity areas. You can also gather feedback from participants in real-time, to help you tailor your presentations, adjust your communication style, and make more informed decisions about your meeting project.

Key Benefits

Personalised Experiences

Gather data on interests, preferences, and behaviour.

Increased Engagement

Identify areas where participants may be disengaged and provide recommendations on how to improve engagement.

Real-time Feedback

Gather real-time feedback and get a complete view of engagement at every point throughout an event.

Improved Event Planning

Gather data on participant behaviour and preferences to optimise event planning and make more informed decisions.

Enhanced Marketing

Better target marketing efforts
and improve the effectiveness of campaigns.

Improved Event Content

Identify areas where participants are most interested and tailor event content to meet these interests.

Revolutionise Event Engagement with XPAI

  • Personalise the participant experience: Identify preferences and personalise their experience accordingly. This could include customised recommendations for sessions, activity zones, or stands based on interests and past behaviour.

  • Measure event success: Collect and analyse participant data for tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) with experience scoring, on attendance, engagement, demographics, and satisfaction levels. This information can help with identifying areas of improvement and make data-driven decisions for future events.

  • Improve event ROI: Knowing which sessions and areas of the event were the most popular can with allocating resources more effectively. Focusing marketing efforts on the sessions and areas that participants are most interested in and adjust their event layout and schedule to accommodate high traffic areas. This can help increase attendance and improve event ROI.

New Possibilities to Transform Events with XPAI

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