There is a really strong encouragement to bring your full self to work at Encore, to bring to your work what makes you unique. That’s something that is rare and special about Encore.

Chris has been with Encore since September 2021, joining the Creative Service team as Project Manager, EMEA. Having previously spent time working in theatre across Australia and Germany, Encore is his first role in the events industry in over a decade. We interviewed Chris, who is based at our UK HQ in Uxbridge, to find out more about his personal experience with Encore and his enthusiasm to be part of the team. 

What is your professional background? 

“Before my current role in the events industry, I worked as a theatrical producer, overseeing all aspects of the production process. I worked in Australia, and the Middle East, and had my own business. Starting with small productions, eventually growing to become my full-time profession. I moved to Europe about 10 years ago to gain some more experience with different ways of making theatre. Eventually I found myself working for Volksbühne Berlin – the state theatre of Brandenburg in Germany. I worked there for two seasons producing international theatre and then moved back to the UK where my focus shifted to digital culture.”

Why did you decide to pursue a career in the events industry and how did you come to Encore?

“Although I love being part of the industry, I wasn’t actively pursuing a career in live events. The events industry is so varied and there’s so much that happens, particularly in a large company such as Encore which offers so many services. Even if you don’t think you want to work in the events industry, you can do something – like creative services – which is part of that world. So, it wasn’t my mission to work in events, but I wanted to make amazing content with incredible creative people and Encore was the place for that!”

How would you describe the working atmosphere at Encore? 

“Before joining, I had heard from people who had worked with Encore that this was a workplace full of friendly people who cared passionately about what they do. Now that I’m here and experiencing it for myself, it’s true. I think the keyword for me to describe the working atmosphere at Encore is passion. I think that everybody here really cares about the events, the projects and the results. There is a lot of hard work, drive and passion that comes from the people that work here.”

Chris is not only part of the creative service team, but also a member of our Encore Pride Business Resource Group. At Encore, we have a series of Business Resource Groups (BRGs) available for our team members to join in order to empower and represent as we continue to grow our DE&I efforts, making this part of our Encore DNA. We asked Chris for his personal point of view. 

What role does diversity play at Encore and what do you find particularly good about the company’s attitude?

“For me, it’s the atmosphere at Encore of doing whatever is needed to make the project/event the best that it can be. That includes having the best people and using the best talents. There is a really strong encouragement to bring your full self to work at Encore, to bring to your work what makes you unique. That’s something that is rare and special about Encore. 

It takes all kinds of people to be sensitive to the needs of different projects. Encore recognises and encourages me to bring my unique perspective and authentic self into the work that I create. That is incredibly valuable, not just for the projects that I work on, but also for the culture that the business builds.

Events are about ideas, exchanges, communication, and shared moments. Fundamentally, they’re about diverse people being in a shared space and having a shared experience, whether that be hybrid, digital or in-person. Diversity plays an integral role to the work of Encore. I personally find the company’s attitude beyond encouraging, they actively seek out diversity in any place they can find it. I can only see that as a good thing!”

If Chris’ path sounds exciting to you, check out our current vacancies now. And to learn more about DE&I at Encore have a look here.


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