I love the team culture at Encore and the dedication here to connect and inspire our clients.

Since beginning his career as an apprentice sound technician 20 years ago, Christian has gained a great spectrum of professional experience in different fields of the events industry. In October 2021, he took over a permanent role as Technical Events Manager at our headquarter in Vienna. The job holds new challenges every day, but he loves to overcome these challenges by working in close collaboration with his colleagues. We interviewed Christian to find out more about his professional background and what he particularly likes about being a part of the Encore team.

Where did you start out and what are your qualifications/work experience?

My work in the events industry started out about 20 years ago, with an apprenticeship as a sound technician. After that, I continued to move around in the industry and expanded my knowledge in the field of events, sound, video technology and everything in between! Over the last few years, I have been able to accumulate lots of industry expertise and I am now proud to work as a Technical Events Manager at our headquarter in Vienna.   

Why did you decide to work for Encore?

The events industry in Vienna is actually very small. An Encore team member working in Vienna, who I’d known in the industry, happened to notice that I’d left my previous job and immediately wrote to me asking if I would like to work for Encore. I gladly accepted the offer and came to meet the team. I love the team culture at Encore and the dedication here to connect and inspire our clients. I am now happy to be able to implement my 20 years of professional experience in the industry in my work and to be appreciated and valued for this by the team.

What is your impression of Encore after nearly a year with us?

I have already been able to support the team a lot and I’m truly valued. It has really been a busy time for the team since last Autumn/Winter, and it still is. When I started to work for Encore my colleagues made a lot of effort and put in time to ensure I was included. I already feel very comfortable and there’s great opportunities to learn and grow with Encore through Encore University for example which I’ve already been able to get to grips with. I am very proud of my ability to take initiative, which has allowed me to quickly find my way around and support the team.

What would you tell a young technician who may be considering a career in the events industry?

What I like most about this job is that even after 20 years in the industry, it never gets old! There are always new challenges, where you get to use your experience and passion for events in everything you do, from initial contact with the Client to the final event. That’s what I would pass on to young technicians, and of course Encore is a great place offering all this on a global scale. Encore also has great opportunities for advancement in the technical field – another great reason to join our team!


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