On first impressions I was seen as a woman and so someone that doesn’t have a great knowledge about technology. However, I enjoy being able to prove people wrong.

Jessica has been with Encore just over seven years now. Having completed her apprenticeship with us she was offered a permanent role as an Operation Manager. Since then, she was promoted to her current role of Technical Events Manager. As Jessica has a 13-month-old child she still is on parental leave. During this time, she is happy to have the chance to balance her job and her role as a mum by working primarily from the home office and supporting the regional resource planning from there. We interviewed Jessica to find out more about her personal experience with Encore and her enthusiasm to be part of the team.

What do you enjoy most about your job with Encore?

“The harmony in the team is great and everyone values each other. A lot of work is done to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that everyone can work well together on an interpersonal level. The interaction with each other is always friendly and respectful, no matter who you have contact with. You can talk openly with your supervisor about everything, and they always try to find a solution, whether it’s about challenges, new work tasks or requests for a change of position. If you want, you can have a varied working day and an environment in which you can always take advantage of new opportunities and possibilities.”

What can you tell us about the possibility to combine family and career at Encore?

“I have been able to adjust my working hours in consultation with my Regional Operations Manager in terms of working from home or time in the office, so that I can also take care of my son and provide for my family at the same time. In addition, my daily tasks have also been adjusted so that I can juggle everything.”

What are you particularly proud of in your career?

“I’m very proud being a trustworthy partner on-site for my hotels and for their customers. As a woman I have often had to deal with unconscious bias in the past. On first impressions I was seen as a woman and so someone who doesn’t have a great knowledge about technology. However, I enjoy being able to prove people wrong by delivering and doing the right thing thus leaving a lasting impression on the customers. I hope I can show all sceptics that women can be as just as good with technology as me.

Tell us a fun fact of your life?

Actually, I met my husband at the company in 2014, so our son is a real “KFP-Encore-reflection”. I like listening to metal, love Wacken Music Festival and I help organize a volunteer festival in my spare time. That is also where we got married in 2017. And to make things round we spent our honeymoon at Wacken.

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