There’s no limit to what you can do within Encore. And with a presence in over 20 countries, there’s no limit to where you can do it!

In today’s dynamic job market, professionals are not just changing jobs but also their entire career paths to achieve their aspirations. One such example is Mattias, who started his journey with Encore as a Technician in London. After the birth of his son, he decided to move back home to the South of France to raise his family there. Mattias’ story exemplifies Encore’s openness towards career mobility and geographic flexibility, proving that there are no limits to where your career can take you. Whether you are considering a career change or simply interested in the internal workings at Encore, Mattias’ story is sure to inspire and inform. 

You first joined the Encore team in 2016, can you tell us about your career journey so far?  

“Seven years ago, I worked as a technician in the South of France however, being part English evoked the desire to live and work in the UK. So, I took the decision to relocate to London and quickly got a job as a technician at one of Encore’s venues. It was exciting work and I was able to work on some big events, so it was a great opportunity to learn. I was there for a few years and quickly worked my way up from technician to technical events manager. 

Unfortunately, then COVID-19 happened, and everything shut down. During this time, my family grew, and my son was born. I was already in talks with the company about moving back to France but due to the pandemic, there were no open positions available. I really wanted to raise my child in France, so I ended up making the tough decision to leave the company and I headed back there. I loved working at Encore though, so it was a bitter-sweet moment. 

When business picked up again, I freelanced remotely as a technical events manager after Encore called me back to work. I was later asked to support the sales team temporarily which I thoroughly enjoyed and found I was really good at. I was then offered a sales manager position in the South of France which was a pleasant career change and an amazing opportunity for my professional development. Fast forward three months, I was excited to return to a permanent contract with the company, supporting the commercial team.

What benefits do you think your technical experience brings to your current role 

“I think my technical expertise and knowledge of working on-site enable me to act as an informed consultant to customers. I pay close attention to the details because I understand the challenges that can occur and the solutions we can offer. My hands-on experience in the technical aspects of our business allow me to bring our clients’ visions to life with confidence and precision which I find really rewarding.” 

What advice do you have for anyone looking to change the direction of their career? 

“I’m a big advocate of longlife learning. I think a lot of people stop themselves when they come out of school and think that the learning part of their lives is done once they start working. It’s especially important to take the time to learn, whether that’s with company resources like Encore University or online classes or books. Obviously, if you’re aiming for a career change, you’re going to need new skills. So, it’s important to take it upon yourself to learn them and not wait until people hand them to you. I also think finding the right people that can help you get there is crucial. At Encore, I’ve had a lot of mentors along the way who could teach me new things or guide me. It always felt like they’ve had my best interests at heart. My experience shows that there’s no limit to what you can do within Encore. And with a presence in over 20 countries, there’s no limit to where you can do it!” 

If you’re thinking about a career change and are interested in working at one of the leading event production companies in the world, make sure to have a look at our careers website for more information. 


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