May 28 2024
Encore's Editorial Team

It has been just over a week since IMEX Frankfurt came to a close. The Encore team has returned to our clients, partners, and colleagues across various regions, excited to bring fresh insights and new ideas to future event collaborations.  The week encapsulated the energy of a thousand events, so we have compiled our top …

Meet Our Hire & Product Sales Team

Apr 11 2024
Encore's Editorial Team
In the picture from the left to right: Jon Constable, Gavin Hawthorn, Stacey Hall, Sam Hooper, Alex Dugdale, Tom Mowat, Ellie Parker and James Curtis Encore is one of the largest technical event equipment suppliers in the UK, with a huge state-of-the-art range available for hire. From lighting, sound, and video to staging, power, rigging and drapes, we stock the ...

Harness the evocative power of touch, taste and smell to create multisensory events

Feb 20 2024
Encore's Editorial Team
How to enhance learning, memory and mood with the cross-connection of senses Marcel Proust’s masterpiece Remembrance of Things Past begins with the narrator enjoying the taste, touch and smell of a cookie dipped in tea. That simple multisensory experience transports him back in time to his childhood, kicking off an epic multi-volume adventure. Similarly, what participants touch, ...

The Rise of Gen Z: How to Win Over the Next Generation of Event Planners

Oct 23 2023
Encore's Editorial Team
Live events are notorious for their unpredictability, and this is especially true in today’s fast-paced world. However, with the rise of Generation Z event planners, the events industry is undergoing a new wave of change. Born between 1996 and 2010, Generation Z is poised to surpass the Millennial generation in numbers and influence. With their ...

Encore Middle East Proudly Presents Latest Tech Investments 

Oct 17 2023
Encore's Editorial Team
At Encore, we are committed to providing outstanding service to our customers. We believe that investing in state-of-the-art technology is crucial to delivering innovative solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the latest technology investments in the Middle East. In this article, we will introduce you to ...

Encore EMEA Celebrates the Relocation of its France Office in Gennevilliers 

Oct 11 2023
Encore's Editorial Team
At Encore, we’re excited to share that we’ve recently relocated our office and warehouse space to the vibrant area of Gennevilliers, Paris. This move was driven with the aim to strengthen our commitment to our valued partners and improving our team members’ working environment. Read on to hear more about our new space and how ...

Encore UK Elevates Event Experiences with New State-of-the-Art Lighting Investments  

Oct 5 2023
Encore's Editorial Team
At Encore, we take pride in delivering exceptional solutions that elevate your clients’ event experiences to new heights. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our latest investment in state-of-the-art lighting technology in the UK. With the remarkable Robe PAINTE, eco-friendly Spectra QX40, and versatile Ayrton Zonda 9 recently added to our inventory, we are ...

Three Strategies to Crafting Compelling Event Content 

Sep 20 2023
Encore's Editorial Team
Produce a memorable experience for your meeting participants by grabbing their attention, sparking their curiosity and leaving a lasting impression In today’s ever-changing landscape, the way people consume content has undergone a rapid transformation. What does this mean for meeting and event professionals? You’ve likely faced unique challenges in capturing (and keeping) your audience’s attention to deliver ...

Delivering the Ultimate Event Experience at Adobe Summit EMEA 2023 

Aug 10 2023
Encore's Editorial Team
After a much-awaited return following a pandemic-induced hiatus, Adobe Summit EMEA 2023 took place in-person at Excel, London in June this year. Encore was once again chosen by agency Taylor Bennett Partners to deliver the full technical design and production for the event.     Focused on the future of digital experiences, delegates from across Europe, the ...

Future Meeting Space 2022: Why Will People Attend In-Person Events in the Future? 

May 22 2023
Encore's Editorial Team
In-person events have made a big comeback. They offer a unique opportunity to establish personal connections with customers and partners. That’s why it’s more important than ever before for the event planner community to take a closer look at why people will attend face-to-face events in the future. According to the Future Meeting Space Final ...