Encore Venue Services, specialists in providing in-venue technical production services to hotels, has added 15,000-lumen Epson laser projectors from local distributor NMK Electronics to its existing rental fleet. The investment was part of upgrading the company’s inventory to a growing line of laser projectors with an additional six units.

Aimed at being used in large or small venues where maximum performance or reliability is critical, Epson laser projectors offer low-maintenance operation and superior image quality, especially considering their compact size.

Sacha Morazain, Group Venues Director, EMEA commented, “We are pleased to have expanded our extensive selection of state-of-the-art projectors with a new flagship model. The fact that the laser projectors generate less noise and heat than the conventional lamp-based light engines, make them a quieter and ‘cooler’ choice, which equally minimises the impact of our activities on the environment.”

Dino Drimakis, Business Development Manager at NMK Electronics commented, “It’s great to have rental partners such as Encore who go all-in with Epson; they have used other projector brands in the past and have reaffirmed why NMK decided to work with Epson. Not only does the brand provide value for money but also offers a wide portfolio to cater any type of event. It’s great to see how the Epson brand is flourishing and that our partners trust that we are there to support them”. Commenting on future plans, Drimakis added, “we are building a rental partner program across the Middle East to enable regional partners who have invested in Epson to get their return on their investment.”


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