Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum (German Equity Forum)

We worked alongside our client Deutsche Börse to realise the Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum (German Equity Forum) as a completely virtual conference in the midst of lockdown challenges. Over two thousand visitors were expected for the three-day conference, who were provided with the forum's content in real time. In addition to an accompanying forum program and the conferences, companies and investors were directly connected.

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Universal Investment Champion Tour 2021

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Hyatt Virtual Roundtable

Each year, Hyatt EU brings together leadership and top clients for their Corporate Meetings & Events Roundtable at one of their flagship properties. For 2020, Hyatt invited clients from the banking, consultancy and pharmaceutical sectors to discuss the future landscape of events virtually.

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World Congress Melanoma 2021

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Dior Annual Kick-off Meeting 2019

French luxury brand Dior hosted its annual three-day kickoff at the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm in Germany for attendees from sales, marketing and purchasing. An amazing two days of creative event design and technical execution for one of the world’s most recognised brands.

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10th European Post-Chicago Skin Cancer Meeting

The Post-Chicago Meeting 2020 saw more than 1,000 attendees from 48 countries take part in the virtual conference. Lasting two days, the event was designed to engage and amaze delegates with a host of interactive features and fully branded areas delivering the ultimate brand experience.

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Sage Sessions Online 2020

Sage Sessions Online, a completely virtual one-day event, brought together Sage experts, thought leaders, and professionals to inspire the 5000 attendees to get back to business. A virtual event world perfectly replicated an in-person conference environment and featured a virtual plenary, interactive exhibition stands, networking areas and breakout sessions.

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