Mar 7 2023
Encore's Editorial Team

“There’s no limit to what you can do within Encore. And with a presence in over 20 countries, there’s no limit to where you can do it!” In today’s dynamic job market, professionals are not just changing jobs but also their entire career paths to achieve their aspirations. One such example is Mattias, who started his journey with Encore as a Technician in London. After the birth of his son, he decided to move back home to the South of France to raise his family there. Mattias’ story exemplifies Encore’s openness towards career mobility and geographic flexibility, proving that there are no limits to where your career can take you. Whether you are considering a career change or simply interested in the internal workings at Encore, Mattias’ story is sure to inspire and inform. … Read More

From Being in the Spotlight to Shining the Spotlight – Molly’s Take on Being a Female Technician in the Events Industry 

Dec 12 2022
Encore's Editorial Team
"There are opportunities for anyone, and if you fit the role, no matter your gender, then you'll be able to fit right in." From studying contemporary dance at the University of Roehampton to becoming a Lighting Technician at Encore, Molly talks about what inspired her to switch gears and trade the spotlight for working behind the scenes in the events industry. Interested in how she feels as a woman in a traditionally male-dominated environment, we asked her what challenges she has faced and what she’s done to overcome these. Molly openly talks about her personal experiences and provides helpful overall advice for women in the audio visual industry and for anyone who would like to follow into her footsteps. ... Read More

Having Recently Celebrated a Major Milestone at Encore, Rob Remains Passionate About Finding Innovative Solutions to Support Our Teams!

Nov 24 2022
Encore's Editorial Team
“Encore values expertise, knowledge and most importantly, passion and strives to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace.” 2022 saw Rob, Encore EMEA’s Director, Event Solutions, celebrate 20 years of service with the company. Having started his Encore journey as a technician fresh out of university, Rob worked his way up the ladder, gaining valuable on-site technical knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the complete event planning process in various project management roles. In recent years, Rob has been managing a multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis and has transitioned his career to support his health journey whilst continuing to work in the industry that he’s so passionate about. ... Read More

James, Senior Director Project Management, Pushes Forward with Encore to Carve Out Dream Career. 

Oct 31 2022
Encore's Editorial Team
"Every step has provided me with more opportunity, either career opportunities or the chance to diversify into different areas of the business." James entered the business 18 years ago as a trainee technician, and since then has carved out his dream career in the events industry, now holding the position of Senior Director, Project Management at Encore. With an interest in events production sparked from a young age, as well as a passion for learning from his peers, he quickly moved up through the ranks. James now uses his experience in project management, client relations and technical know-how to lead Encore’s expert UK Production team. We interviewed him to find out what attributes he thinks are essential for applicants to be successful in the event industry and what has kept him at Encore for so long. ... Read More

How Virtual Elements in Events Can Help Us Embrace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

Oct 17 2022
Encore's Editorial Team
If you’re like most meeting and event organisers, you’ve produced at least one in-person event with virtual elements since March 2020. After the pandemic, some of your peers may say it’s a scenario they’ve become more comfortable with, but for some it’s still a complicated landscape. At Encore, we’re thrilled to see that in-person meetings are ...

How do you find the best event platform?

Oct 10 2022
Encore's Editorial Team
Hint: It depends on how much time you have to plan. You may not have the luxury of a generous planning window to put together your next in-person event with virtual elements, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have options to bring people together in exciting new ways. In fact, a wealth of high-quality platform ...

Christian feels truly valued as Technical Events Manager within the Team at Encore

Sep 8 2022
Encore's Editorial Team
"I love the team culture at Encore and the dedication here to connect and inspire our clients." Since beginning his career as an apprentice sound technician 20 years ago, Christian has gained a great spectrum of professional experience in different fields of the events industry. In October 2021, he took over a permanent role as Technical Events Manager at our headquarter in Vienna. We interviewed Christian to find out more about his professional background and what he particularly likes about being a part of the Encore team. ... Read More

Event resources that lower planner stress levels

Sep 5 2022
Encore's Editorial Team
The return of in-person events is a welcome change from the cloistered era of pandemic-induced, learn on the fly virtual event planning. But the rebound also added event planning stress to professionals, who — even before the pandemic — occupied a job that annually topped CareerCast’s list of “Most Stressful Jobs.” Thankfully, Encore offers resources ...

Chris, Project Manager Creative Services, discusses the culture at Encore and his experience in the industry so far 

Aug 24 2022
Encore's Editorial Team
“There is a really strong encouragement to bring your full self to work at Encore, to bring to your work what makes you unique. That's something that is rare and special about Encore.” Chris is joining the Creative Service team as Project Manager, Encore EMEA. Encore is his first role in the events industry in over a decade. We interviewed Chris to find out more about his personal experience with Encore and his enthusiasm to be part of the team. ... Read More

Boundless Opportunities for Engagement

Aug 4 2022
Encore's Editorial Team
10 MIN
It’s exciting to watch in-person meetings and events return. According to Blackstone Securities, group meetings and convention gatherings will return to pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year. However, in this post-lockdown environment, attendee expectations have changed. Event technology has advanced. Your audience will also look very different than it did pre-pandemic. his means ...