Oct 10 2022
Encore's Editorial Team

Hint: It depends on how much time you have to plan. You may not have the luxury of a generous planning window to put together your next in-person event with virtual elements, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have options to bring people together in exciting new ways. In fact, a wealth of high-quality platform …

Christian feels truly valued as Technical Events Manager within the Team at Encore

Sep 8 2022
Encore's Editorial Team
"I love the team culture at Encore and the dedication here to connect and inspire our clients." Since beginning his career as an apprentice sound technician 20 years ago, Christian has gained a great spectrum of professional experience in different fields of the events industry. In October 2021, he took over a permanent role as Technical Events Manager at our headquarter in Vienna. We interviewed Christian to find out more about his professional background and what he particularly likes about being a part of the Encore team. ... Read More

Resources that Lower Event Planner Stress Levels

Sep 5 2022
Encore's Editorial Team
The return of in-person events is a welcome change from the cloistered era of pandemic-induced, learn on the fly virtual event planning. But the rebound also added event planning stress to professionals, who — even before the pandemic — occupied a job that annually topped CareerCast’s list of “Most Stressful Jobs.” Thankfully, Encore offers resources ...

Chris, Project Manager Creative Services, discusses the culture at Encore and his experience in the industry so far 

Aug 24 2022
Encore's Editorial Team
“There is a really strong encouragement to bring your full self to work at Encore, to bring to your work what makes you unique. That's something that is rare and special about Encore.” Chris is joining the Creative Service team as Project Manager, Encore EMEA. Encore is his first role in the events industry in over a decade. We interviewed Chris to find out more about his personal experience with Encore and his enthusiasm to be part of the team. ... Read More

Boundless Opportunities for Engagement

Aug 4 2022
Encore's Editorial Team
10 MIN
It’s exciting to watch in-person meetings and events return. According to Blackstone Securities, group meetings and convention gatherings will return to pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year. However, in this post-lockdown environment, attendee expectations have changed. Event technology has advanced. Your audience will also look very different than it did pre-pandemic. his means ...

Boundless possibilities for engagement before, during and after events

Aug 4 2022
Encore's Editorial Team
In-person events are back. But there’s no ‘business as usual.’ “It’s evident that the events industry is still finding its feet, post-pandemic,” says General Manger of Concise UK Jim Hughes. “Whilst many venues and planners are seeing a return to near 2019 business … the world is different. The pandemic has encouraged even the least ...

After 30 years of experience in event management Tommy’s passion for his job is unbroken

Jun 21 2022
Encore's Editorial Team
"For my position as Key Account Manager at Encore you should have experience in all relevant areas and functions of event management to be really successful." Having spent more than 30 years in the live event industry, Tommy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team at Encore. We interviewed Tommy to find out more about the secret of his success in the event industry and his unbroken passion for his current role as Key Account Manager at Encore DACHNL. ... Read More

Gediminas, Technical Events Manager, just moved from London to Zurich to further his career

May 2 2022
Encore's Editorial Team
"It’s great working for a company that can offer such great mobility and opportunities all over the globe." Gediminas started with Encore in 2016 as an AV Technician in London working in various venues across the city and gaining a wealth of technical event experience. We interviewed Gediminas to find out more about his personal experience with Encore and his enthusiasm to be part of our global team. ... Read More

Since completing her apprenticeship Jessica is working for Encore as a Technical Events Manager

Apr 13 2022
Encore's Editorial Team
"On first impressions I was seen as a woman and so someone that doesn’t have a great knowledge about technology. However, I enjoy being able to prove people wrong." Jessica has been with Encore just over seven years now. We interviewed Jessica to find out more about her personal experience with Encore and her enthusiasm to be part of the team. ... Read More